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In honour of Wonder Woman Day I’d like to share with you twenty real life wonder women. [Warning : I’m dyslexic, grammar nazis run for your lives] Anita Heiss Scholar, writer, possessor of the best calves in Australian writing, Anita Heiss is the embodiment of Wonder Woman in the Australian writing scene. Calista Spiro Actually that’s Calista Spiro MD, soon to also be Ph D.When she’s not writing highly successful books, ranging from non fiction to choc lit to children’s books, she’s off running marathons to raise money for charity, or teaching other people how to write. She’s a General Surgeon, a Ph D candidate, a friend to the nurses, and an angel to her patients.“You’re looking at clothing that suits who you are.”She and Ms Tynan modeled pieces from Charlotte Smith’s Darnell collection, which includes more than 8000 pieces from 1720 to contemporary ware.

Glencheck Joachim-Friedrich Straße 34, 10711 Berlin (Wilmersdorf) Step back in time in this small and immaculate shop packed with rare vintage finds dating from the 1920s to 1950s, with particular emphasis on the 1940s.

She tends to explain a bit too much which rather slows down the pace. She is so intelligent that mere mortals can not be in her presence.

Nevertheless when the action starts happening she keeps the pages turning and there is plenty of suspense. Let me count the ways:1) Makedde is the most 2D, annoying, pretentious prat of a character I have ever read. I get wanting to write a lead character who is brilliant and beautiful - but it has to be written carefully so as not to turn the readers off.

I don't really get the Makedde / Andy issue even though I did read the previous book where all the problems started. This was a massive fail in Moss's attempt to convince readers that Models can be smart and beautiful (something I though was true BEFORE reading this book...so sure about after though).

Someone as strong as Mak is supposed to be surely could make her mind up over a mere man. My friend is actually writing a book with a lead character who is a psychologist and I recommended this book to her as an example of what not to do when writing a psychologist.2) So in book 1 Makedde flew to Australia.

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