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Without an unlimited data plan all that data that could be a cost issue, so it sounded like they were asking an important question re customer service and satisfaction. I think I must have misunderstood what they were telling me. I'm not 100% on this, either, as this is my first car with NAV and my first Toyota...

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Imagine yourself going home to your parents' house for a family reunion.

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Ik doe al jaren niet meer aan vaste relaties omdat ze .. terwijl ik hem wel eens heb betrapt dat hij zich aftrekt en naar de hoeren gaat..

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A quick look at it’s Alexa traffic statistics confirms that the majority of its visitors come from Germany, with no other countries in the same ballpark.

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The same is true for teens who text and use social media more often than their peers. teens who were interviewed for this study also said that they record and upload video to the web. Just 14% of adults, by the way, upload video to You Tube and similar services.