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The thing is, you probably build things up in your own mind much greater than the situation calls for, and it is rarely as bad as your inner loser is telling you it is.Try not to generalize the negativity to your entire life.Here are four strategies to use to deal with your difficult boss. It is the pattern of bad behavior that drives you crazy (or in some cases, the boss's inconsistent behavior, as in you-never-know-what-you're-going-to-get).

So how does one handle a boss who makes you feel stupid? This negative self-talk is spinning out of control, and your other half (the real, better you) must step in and take charge, immediately.As one client told me, "When the boss calls an ‘emergency' staff meeting, we usually know that she is going to go off on us.She'll either rant and rave or give us the icy and disgusted treatment.Generally speaking though, it is referring to a repetitious mistreatment of someone which can cause that person some major health, emotional and psychological problems.If this is what you are experiencing, then take your time going through the information on this site as you will more than likely find things that are very familiar to your own circumstances.

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