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But because the man allegedly did not have any drugs with him, he was only fined and will not face any further charges.

A hidden camera was discovered Friday inside a women’s bathroom at an Illinois Walgreen’s, police said.

The video has split opinion among viewers online, with some You Tube users remembering their own parental tactics, while others were more skeptical.“My parents installed a switch in their bathroom that cut power to the living room TV to prevent this sort of thing,” one person wrote.“I remember crawling on the floor past them and timing my movement to when my dad snored." Another said: “I think it is creepy to spy on your kids.

All these nanny cam videos are unsettling to me.”The clip follows a similarly surprising clip that went viral recently showing the moment a man dropped his phone out of a plane window while it was recording.

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in Des Plaines, realized it was a fake outlet when it fell to the floor. The device had been recording for up to two days and seemed to be motion activated.Suddenly the boy disappears and seconds later, the camera cuts out.It looks as though the man’s kids figured out his sneaky plan to spy on them.“This is meant to catch thieves in the act, it’s a nanny camera and it can be used for law enforcement purposes as well,” he told FOX36. Come check out my Twitter Account to see when I am online and to check out my FREE pics @crystaldenison ❤ Hi I’m Crystal Denison a bubbly, Feisty sex mad redhead.

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The camera, discovered by the store’s manager, had been placed inside an electrical outlet and then stuck to the wall with Velcro.

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