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Install a copy of IP Webcam on your Android device.Next, you'll need to install a copy of its software, IP Camera Adapter, on Windows.As I shared before, the biggest pain point with De X is Bluetooth pairing.

Audiences range from 40 to 200 people at any given time.

It’s amazing just how heavy an ultra-portable laptop becomes when you’re lugging it through airports, convention centers, and the streets of wherever the heck you’re doing business.

Even a thin laptop can become a 2.5-pound , but now it’s a problem that could very well be solved by De X, Samsung’s desktop-PC-in-a-dock for the Galaxy S8 and S8 smartphones. I shared my first impressions of De X last week, so please check out that article for extra details on the De X experience (none of my early opinions have changed).

You will also need to have either Chrome or Firefox on your computer, as this application does not work well with Internet Explorer.

Once both IP Camera applications are installed, follow the steps below: Step 1: Open the IP Webcam app on your Android device and make the necessary adjustments for resolution, quality, orientation, and FPS limit.

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