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Whitney Miller was on board a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to St. She said they were having a private conversation when a flight attendant overheard, told her supervisor and proceeded to remove them because she felt ‘threatened’.

Whitney wrote on Facebook: ‘My father and I were having a private conversation regarding the awful travel experience and customer service we were experiencing and happen to be overheard by a flight attendant.

‘This flight attendant reported us to her supervisor who then approached us stating they felt threatened by us, leading to our removal from the aircraft.’ In the video, Whitney can be heard asking: ‘What did we actually do? Once we boarded the flight we were removed within 15 minutes of sitting in our seats.

’ Her father, Eric, raises his voice and shouts: ‘This is the most loathsome experience I can actually say I’ve indulged in in my 70 years of flying on an airplane. We have a conversation, you feel threatened and we’re going to have to leave, and we’re spending 12 hours in this airport waiting for this plane to leave. ’ He can be heard shouting as he’s led off the plane with his daughter. I’m not posting this for pitty, I’m posting this to make people aware of how unjust this “system” is.

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