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It's easy to implement, available by default on all browsers, but has some known draw-backs, like the awful authentication window displayed on the Browser, which will persist (there is no Log Out-like feature here), some server-side additional CPU consumption, and the fact that the user-name and password are transmitted (over HTTPS) into the Server (it should be more secure to let the password stay only on the client side, during keyboard entry, and be stored as secure hash on the Server).

We may use Digest Authentication, but it requires also HTTPS, since it is vulnerable to Mi M or Replay attacks, and is specific to HTTP.

And, by design, the cookie is handled on the Server side (Client in fact does even not try to interpret this cookie data: it just hands it back to the server on each successive request).

But this cookie data is application state data, so the client should manage it, not the server, in a pure Stateless world.

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What does RESTful Authentication mean and how does it work? My only understanding is that you pass the session key (remeberal) in the URL, but this could be horribly wrong. I would never pass sensitive information in the URL visible to the user.

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