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In a chat with me after the show, parts of which which ran in the (I freelance for that paper), she disclosed that she is bisexual and has walked in on her mother with another lady.But during the show her lust for the male organ was in full effect, as she shouted at the crowd of Chelsea boys: "Look at all these sexy bitches. " Neon will be shooting the video for "Gold" with Tyga at the "top of September," according to her manager Kellogg, and it sounds like it won't feature any lesbian action.Falling for someone who has spent months playing “Lesbian Dating Musical Chairs” is the quickest way to a broken heart, a third cat, and probably an STD.Bringing me nicely to - Yes, lesbians can get goddamn STDs and we need to stop thinking we can’t.Travi's hot, but you guys definitely take the cake." Travi is the singer for Gym Class Heroes; she did the song "Get Your Ass Back Home" with him.Her new single, "Gold," which was just released, features Tyga of "Rack City" fame.So if all of her Facebook pictures are taken by the professional photographer at your local lez-club or she’s on first name terms with half the staff, she’s probably still in single mode.

So when I feel like getting glam-med up, and throwing on the Christian Louboutins, and the weave, or whatever I’m going to do to my hair, and push up my titties in a push-up bra, throw on my La Perla, then that’s what it is and I’m comfortable either way.Add the belief in only monosexuality to the mix, and then people think everyone’s only attracted to one gender – meaning, if you’re not straight, you must be gay.When I was a little girl, I used to think I could only be attracted only to boys – because heteronormativity says that all girls are.Kellogg said they have to find time in Tyga's schedule to get him to New York City, where they plan on shooting it.He says he hopes she and Tyga will have "chemistry" on set, and he said it's a "beautiful, heartfelt song -- Neon brings out passion in people." Will there be sparks?

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