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The new cameras on the i Phone 6S are nice, but the biggest technical innovation Apple crammed into the thing is the screen.

Actually, it's just underneath the screen: the sensors that enable 3D Touch.

If you haven't been following, 3D Touch is Apple's branding for the new pressure sensitivity feature on the i Phone 6S and 6S Plus.

But where we've seen pressure sensitivity mostly used on drawing apps before, Apple has built its software to support it directly in the UI. It's like Force Touch on the Apple Watch and the newer Mac Books, but now it's on the most popular device Apple sells.

Several recent surveys estimate that 2D text chat on the internet currently accounts for up to 15%-20% of all internet activity - that's approx 10-20 million chatters.

When will the first great migration take place - the migration from 2D text chat to full-blown Multi-User 3D worlds ?

And given that you’re going to be spending a lot more time in VR, you’ll probably care a lot more about what your virtual persona looks like too.

What’s great is that one company is building a wardrobe fit for the future.

You can also love your present girlfriend or ex girlfriend without being in love with the person.Possibly the most exciting aspect of these new virtual worlds is the freedom of expression that comes with them.If you feel you are born the wrong gender, your virtual self can reflect how you really are.He's joined by his lead actor, Karl Glusman, who gamely gets in a few Argentina digs of his own while opening up to us about the rollercoaster ride that was the film, one in which he did full-frontal nudity and ejaculation scenes. It's like all these chemicals that get released in your brain: serotonin, endorphins, dopamine. The best moments of my life have been moments of love.They're on a new rollercoaster ride now -- although one that seems to be on a steady ascent without any dips, twists or turns -- as the film rides a mounting wave of good press following its screenings at Cannes and TIFF. Gaspar Noé: The answer is in the movie: mainly love is the light. They link to your brain and help you fall for a person's smell and their energy. And the moment the relationship falls apart, you're in total pain like a junkie without his needle in his arm. These carnal moments of hugging, kissing, fucking with someone you're obsessed with. GN: It's not the same but it's not really the opposite.

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